Maple can help you with your permanent residency for Canada

Break into the North American Market with Maple

What's Maple? A program from Launch Academy, a non-profit tech incubator, aimed solely at bringing international startups to Vancouver, Canada.

Maple is for English-speaking immigrant entrepreneurs building a tech startup in one of the following categories: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Artificial Reality, Mixed Reality, Blockchain, Financial Services, Data Science, Quantum Computing, Health Tech, Sales as a Service, or Cybersecurity. 

Incorporate your company in Canada.

Get your Permanent Residency Status in Canada.

Maple can help you:

Collaborate with a diversified and strong community 


Secure eBook Sales

Originally from: United States & Turkey

"We really valued that Maple gave us the resources to connect and expand, while not requiring us to give up any equity."


Auditing & Validating Data

Originally from: Australia


Cybersecurity Company

Originally from: United States

Maple Alumni + Members

"Maple was key to expanding into the North American Market. It was a great move and stepping stone for us."

"We wanted to tap into the abundant pool of talent in Canada to support our continued growth."

There's no fee to apply. We have a fixed program fee of $30,000 CAD (+5% GST). We don't take equity and are a non-profit with all proceeds being reinvested into our programs.

We only accept companies and founders that meet our program requirements. To determine if you're eligible to apply, fill out this FREE assessment ยป

No, but Maple can help your eligibility for the Startup Visa Program.

Some of our partners include: Stripe, Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft, EY, Smythe, SendGrid + more.

It's the is the closest status one can receive next to full Canadian Citizenship. 

Yes, Start-up Visa provides permanent residency for your team of up to 5 members, plus a spouse and children.

Quick Maple FAQ's

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Am I eligible for Maple?

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What is Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada?

Can I get PR through the Startup Visa Program?

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