Are you a founder looking to expand and relocate your business into North America?

Canadian Permanent Residents benefit from easier access to the US market for business and travel. Launch Academy's Maple Program helps tech founders looking to relocate and become a Canadian Permanent Resident.

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Non-Profit, taking 0% equity

Located in Downtown Vancouver

Created for entrepreneurs, by entrepenuers

Launch Academy + the Maple Program

Launch Academy is Vancouver’s leading non-profit tech hub, focused on helping entrepreneurs launch, fund and grow their startups since 2012.

We are a designated organization of the Canadian Government's Start-up Visa Program and are currently working with a dozen different companies helping them root themselves in Vancouver, Canada. See more info about the Start-up Visa Program below.

Our Maple Program was specifically created to aid international companies in their growth and expansion to Canada and North America through providing a landing pad with resources, mentorship, networking, and business matchmaking to overcome the challenges that occur when moving a business and family to Canada. When companies graduate from our Maple program, we provide a letter of recommendation to fast-track the Visa process. We don't take equity in our member companies. The cost for the entire program is $32,000 CAD (+5% GST) broken down into multiple payments throughout the course.



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Make Vancouver your next HQ

The city is a great connection to the rest of Canada, and a perfect westcoast corridor to Seattle and San Francisco.

Vancouver is a two-hour drive to Seattle and a two-hour flight to San Francisco

Canadian Permanent Residency permits founder's family members to work in Canada.

Vancouver has a strong history in innovation and technology.

Requirements of the Startup Visa Program

If you're applying to Maple to be eligible for the Start-up Visa Program, make sure you meet the program's basic requirements first. You can see the full list here


Language Skills

Minimum Level 5 of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) in English by the time you apply for your permanent residency


Primary Ownership

Each applicant must individually hold at least 10% of the company's voting rights and applicants altogether hold at least 50% of the company's voting rights


Local Representation

Proof of Support from a Designated Organization, like Launch Academy. Learn more about Designated Organizations here.

Does Launch Academy take equity from my company?

Launch Academy is not-for-profit and does not take equity from any of its Start-ups. We evaluate companies based on three key aspects. Read more »

What types of companies are accepted into the program?

We generally work with AI, VR/AR/MR, Blockchain, Financial Services, Data Science, Quantum Computing, Health Tech, CyberSecurity, and SaaS companies. If you're in tech but aren't in any of these, your application still could be considered.

Do I need to join Maple to be eligible for the Start-up Visa Program?

No, there are many different ways to be involved in the Start-up Visa Program. Maple is simply one route a founder can take if they're interested in not giving up equity, receiving tons of support before and once they land in Vancouver and many other perks. 

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What Maple Alumni Are Saying

Making the leap and moving your company and life to a new country isn't an easy choice. Hear from some of our members about why they made the move and what they've learned.

DataTrue, Australia

"Having Launch Academy provide us with different resources, the network, and the information that we need to be more successful and grow effectively [in North America] has been crucial for us."

Keeprop, Serbia

"We are proud to now have a fully Canadian product which we can now sell worldwide"

Flair, USA

"Working here in North America has given us a good chance to actually communicate with both the US and Canada"

EditionGaurd, USA+Turkey

"Canada, especially Vancouver, is great for the entrepreneurial scene and making a lot of connections."

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